Exhaust Performance Upgrades

Car Exhausts CroydonAt Ace Undercar Services we can improve the performance, fuel economy, sound & torque of you vehicle by either fitting a new performance exhaust , fitting a Q4 Uni Chip or both, with many brands to choose from – Redback , Pacemaker, King Brown, X Force, Outlaw, HM Headers, Hurricane, Auspac, Redback Extreme Duty 4 x4 & Zetti just to name a few  – we can fit the right exhaust to your car. Be it extractors high flow performance catalytic convertors & sports exhaust, cat back sports exhaust , rear sports muffler or  muffler deletion. In  fitting a Uni Chip Q4/performance exhaust to your car significant gains to performance, torque, sound and fuel economy can be achieved. Power increases can be from at 10 kw at rear wheels to 30 – 40 RWKW depending on condition & design of engine. Better Fuel economy can be achieved by fitting a less restrictive exhaust and by fitting a Uni Chip which can change the very rich air fuel ratios set by the factory.

Improve the performance of your vehicles engine by reducing exhaust resistance and helping your engine breath easier, these modifications reduce stress on your engine while allowing it to significantly exceed the current power output of your vehicle. These modifications will also improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The changes in a freer flowing exhaust also provide a impressive sounding exhaust and add value to your vehicle.

Performance Exhaust Systems Melbourne

Performance Exhaust Packs for Petrol Vehicles

  • VE &  Holden  Commodore V6 Pacemaker extractors high flow cat/converters Redback 2.50” sports exhaust Unichip,  OTR intake approx 30RWKW extra $2950.00
  • VE V8 Holden Commodore Pacemaker extractors high flow cat converters & x force sports exhaust OTR intake & computer custom edit $2950.00 approx 40 RWKW extra
  • VT VX VZ V8 Commodore Pacemaker extractors high flow performance cat converters & x force twin sports exhaust $2750.00 incl custom computer edit OTR intake approx 30 extra RWKW
  • AU Ford Falcon 1 2  or 3  6 cylinder, Pacemaker extractors high flow performance cat converter & Redback Sports exhaust $990.00 no re map necessary
  • Petrol Y62 Patrol Outlaw Exhaust Cat Back, K&N Filter & Uni Chip – extra 35RWKW $2950.00 can demo sound & performance  – cat-back outlaw exhaust only $1450.00 fitted 5 year warranty
  • Ford BA-BF turbo back polished stainless steel exhaust system with 4 inch down pipe $1450 fitted or incl remap computer & K&N air filter $2750.00 approx 30RWKW extra
  • VW Golf Mark 5 polished stainless steel turbo back exhaust incl high flow catalytic converter &  dual tips  l/h/s $1450.00 fitted
  • Commodore VY, VX VZ 5.7 wagon polished stainless steel cat back exhaust – 10 years warranty $550.00 fitted
  • King Brown & Outlaw exhaust are stainless steel
  • 100 series V8 Toyota Landcruiser Pacemaker extractors high flow performance cat converters & King Brown sports exhaust – approx 30 extra RWKW  $3450.00 incl Unichip

These performance packs have been designed to increase power economy & torque  all work is fully guaranteed and where a Unichip/edit is involved a dyno graph will be presented.