THE Y62 PATROL has an over restrictive exhaust system, because of this the fuel economy suffers and the exhaust note is barely there, with the outlaw stainless steel performance exhaust, not only does it give the Y62 patrol better fuel economy it also gives the y62 patrol more performance & a much better classic v8 sound  without the drone .  the outlaw exhaust gives the y62 patrol a performance increase of up to 20 kW, while improving the fuel economy up to 5 litre per 100 km.

UNICHIP GIVES THE Y62 PATROL AN INCREASE IN PERFORMANCE AND FUEL ECONOMY through “live timing” making fuel adjustments possible, giving the y62 patrol more torque, better power & fuel economy on premium fuel. Utilizing the power of unichip we open the throttle to 100%, and also sharpen the response time, giving more power & torque.


Y62 Nissan patrol v8 performance upgrades 2013 onwards 

$1450.00 Cat back 3.00” outlaw stainless steel exhaust, true classic v8 sound, no drone, can demonstrate with a test drive

$4450 cat back 3.00” stainless steel exhaust, afe intake & Unichip ECU dyno tune upgrade 228 awkw or complete package incl Pacemaker extractors & 100 cel high flow cat converters $6350

  • performance pack
  • performance exhaust
  • petrol exhaust upgrade

Y62 Patrol Unichip, Nissan Patrol



Y62 Patrol performance pack (Nissan Patrol)Y62 Patrol Performance exhaust (Nissan)