Road Worthy Croydon

Road worthy certificates start from $180.00 – if you need to re-register a car, sell a car, or if you get a Defect Notice from the police you will more than likely need a roadworthy certificate. To be issued with a roadworthy certificate your car must be tested for any signs of wear & tear & safety issues that could endanger you or other drivers on the road. A roadworthy test must be carried out on the vehicle and the repairs carried out within 7 days of the inspection. The vehicle is then deemed to be roadworthy for 28 days. The road worthy checklist includes items for the safety for travelling on Victorian roads, including seats/trim, seatbelts, structural integrity, lights, reflectors, wheels, tyres, windows, windscreen, steering, suspension, LPG tank dates, oil leaks, brakes, engine condition/emissions, rust & chassis/accident damage.

Ace Under Car has 2 approved inspectors and inspections can usually be done the same day, we will supply a roadworthy list for you or us to do the repairs (if our quote is acceptable). The price of repairing the vehicle can also vary depending on if the customer is keeping or selling the vehicle. Should you also require an overall assessment of the vehicle condition/reliability or a pre-purchase inspection these can be done as well. If the car is unregistered a permit can be obtained so you can drive from point A to point B to be inspected or repaired by a mechanic at a workshop.

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Road Worthy Certificates Croydon

Roadworthy certificates in Croydon – a roadworthy certificate is usually obtained when a car is bought or sold, a defect notice has been issued, or it can be used for pre-purchase inspections, end of manufacturers warranty or mechanical repairs. We at Ace are able to conduct a roadworthy test usually on the same day. If you are planning to buy or sell a car ring us & we can advise you on what you require.  A roadworthy certificate can only be issued when the car passes all requirements.
After the roadworthy inspection is done and quoted you have 7 days to let us do the required repairs or to do them yourself and bring the vehicle back for 2nd inspection.
Road Worthy Croydon, Ringwood, Bayswater and Mooroolbark

Road Worthy Croydon, Ringwood, Bayswater and Mooroolbark